I have learned so much over the past couple of weeks whilst creating my digital artifact on the Future of Virtual Reality (VR). It has also been quite fun to read other individual’s responses on what their thoughts of the future of VR are too.


For my DA so far, I have demonstrated engaging with a public audience. Firstly I conducted a survey to my twitter followers, more specifically aiming my survey to my BCM325 cohort as I believe I would gain better a better engagement. From this, I received very detailed responses to what their thoughts are about the future of VR.

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 3.34.47 pmScreen Shot 2020-05-07 at 3.35.55 pm

Next, I posted a discussion question to Reddit. This was my first time posting, so I decided to share my discussion question to a VR subreddit. The responses are shown below. As you can see I have received very detailed discussion responses to my question.

I then decided to create a blog post, sharing it with my Twitter. I used the primary data I gathered as well as secondary sources I found were relevant. I decided to do a blog post as I believe writing and sharing images was a better way to present my findings. The response was disappointing, and I am now thinking of other ways to share my DA to the world.

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 3.40.34 pm

I have also linked my DA to the week 4 lecture, futurologists, and have been reading futurologist’s thoughts on the future of VR too.

The Future of My DA 

I aim to:

  • Continue posting to Reddit and subreddit groups.
  • Linking my DA to new lecture weeks
  • Utilise the comments I received from my peer evaluation
  • Enjoy the process of learning about VR

So far I have had a lot of fun learning, discussing, and reading about VR and the future, as well as what others’ thoughts are on the concept too. I am excited to present my final DA in week 13.

9 thoughts on “BCM325 PROJECT BETA- My DA Progress

  1. Hey there Isabella!

    Just watched your video and I think it’s cool to focus on the future of Virtual Reality as it is something quite broad, relevant and more technologically advanced than ever before!

    You mentioned that after your blog post you weren’t too sure on that style of format, and wanted to possibly change your DA to either a podcast series or YouTube video. I think any of these formats would be interesting; however, YouTube videos might be better as they could visually aid your primary and secondary results from your research. Since Virtual Reality is a simulation and is all about exploring different worlds and experiences, something visual would help that aspect come across in a video. I think it would be good to see what results ‘screamed at you’ from your survey results and Reddit discussions, and from there create maybe 3 different videos or one big visual essay. The video/s could explore what you talked about already in your blog but in a more detailed way, exploring what your peers had to say when it comes to the future of VR. Just as it seems quite broad now and maybe employing some specific topics within the parameter of VR would help you address this topic in your YouTube videos.

    You could choose to focus on the future of VR within film industries, or the future of VR in mobile technologies- as this is something that is growing on Snapchat, Instagram and Tik Tok and both Apple and Android software. Or the future of VR in video games/mobile games, the future of VR is fashion, or educations even? There are many possibilities and angles to this, as I’m sure your research has shown you that VR exists in so many different industries these days. I think it’s about finding which answers stood out to you or were repetitive amongst peers and going from there.

    Here’s a YouTube video I found that might be in the style and format you’d like to follow for your videos if you decide to post of YouTube. The video talks about the future of VR beyond 2020 and how it influences more industries than the gaming industries and is becoming a multi-million sensation in new fields such as education, mental health, sport etc. These aspects could be something you explore?

    Hope that helps, Goodluck with the rest of your DA!

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  2. Hey Isabella,

    The progress you’ve made so far on your Digital Artefact is very good and it’s great to see the engagement you’ve been receiving using Reddit. The use of Reddit is fantastic as it is a very popular service that takes pride in giving users the chance to discuss and converse about different topics. It gives you, as well, the opportunity to see what people think about your project and whether or not they believe it’s the right way to approach the DA.

    I found this cool video looking into the future of VR gaming and it’s super interesting and would be cool if you watch it to gain some ideas to help with your research.

    Hope it helps, Jack!

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  3. Hey Isabella,

    VR in gaming is quickly becoming very popular, so it will be definitely interesting to see where the future of it takes us, which is why I’m keen to see where your DA goes and what your findings will be! I managed to find a really good article on the future of VR, it explores a range of different topics within the field of VR such as the future of multiplayer in VR, etc


    The engagement you have also amassed looks very promising and should be super encouraging with obtaining further findings! Good luck with the rest of the DA

    Cheers, Nick

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  4. Hey Isabella! I really enjoyed your Beta video, you made it very engaging. I understand how you feel about blog posts not gaining enough views. You can try promoting you blog posts through Reddit as that has proven to be very effective for you! Maybe you could get more of an audience that way. I think a podcast is also a good idea as you can also ask other people to join you in your podcasts. I agree that you should definitely keep posting on Reddit as that seems to be the best way to gain insight into the topic and what other people think! I found two academic articles which can help you gain some valuable information for your DA:
    This second article is about Virtual Reality in 2020. I think this one can be particularly useful as ‘the future is now’ and starting with the near future is a great beginning of future prediction.
    I can’t wait to see what you decide to do with your DA!

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