This week I was allowed to give feedback to my BCM325 peers for their Beta progress on their digital artifacts. Like the pitches, I commented on 3 entirely different blog posts. Their Beta videos and blog posts were all unique and Interesting, and it has been great to see their progress of the semester.

When proving feedback, I utilized the technique called:

‘A Complimenting Sandwich’

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 2.45.56 pm

I found it to be very useful. It involves a 3 step procedure called Praise, Criticise, Praise.

Praise: This will ease the effect of criticism and feedback, whilst additionally providing positivity.
Criticize: This is where you can discuss problems and give critical feedback to the individual.
Praise: Support their work (add links or videos) and provide positivity once again.

Peer Comments: 
Alanais focusing her Digital Artefact on ‘The Future of Care Work’. She is currently posting to twitter and Reddit but has struggled for engagement. I have given her feedback on how to improve engagement by suggesting the use of hashtags on Twitter. Additionally, I have provided articles that could help with her research for her DA topic. To improve this comment, I could have referred to lecture readings, however, I believe it was very useful that I provided Alana with additional secondary research for her DA.

alana feedback

Nick is creating his DA on the topic ‘The Future of Space Travel’. His DA so far has gained successful engagement through the use of Reddit, where is regularly creating discussions that gain a good amount of feedback. Nick is also utilizing the feedback he has received from his peers in his pitch video. One thing that was unclear in Nicks BETA video, was how he was going to present his final DA, and utilize the information and discussions from Reddit that he has gain. This is where I suggested he create a podcast. I additionally linked useful resources on how to create a successful and engaging podcast. To improve Nick’s comment, I could have suggested a certain week from our lectures that related well to his DA. This would allow him to connect with the subject content.

nick comment
Jack was the third blog post I commented on. He has decided to change his DA and is now focusing on ‘The Future of Microtransactions in Sports Gaming’. Jack decided to switch as he has unfortunately been lacking motivation from online learning, but feels his new DA would get him back on course as it is something that very much interests him. I asked Jack if he intended to focus his question on the next 5, 10, 0r 15 years. Additionally, I provided Jack with some links to articles that could help with discussion questions for his podcast, and give him different perspectives too. To improve this peer comment, I could have suggested to Jack ways to improve his motivation for his DA as there is numerous research on it.

jack comment

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