Concept [what you intend to do]

I intend to create an Instagram page focusing on traveling photos from my personal trips overseas, in particular focusing on Japan. Additionally, I will be blogging about tips on traveling overseas and the best places to go to. 

Methodology [how you intend to do it],

My methodology will be fairly simple. I already have an existing Instagram account focusing on my traveling images to japan, so I plan to post 2 new images, each week, and will aim to blog once a week. Through the utilization of Reddit, I am to gain feedback from individuals on their traveling tips too and their thoughts, so I can accompany it in my blog.

Utility [why is this project relevant to users] of your artifact].

My utility of this artifact and why it is relevant to users is to share my images in hopes of inspiring others to want to travel overseas. With very tough times this year of not being able to travel due to COVID19, I believe that sharing images will inspire others and give hope that in the future they will be able to go overseas and explore beautiful parts of the world. It also allows for individuals, like me, to connect and talk about traveling experiences.    

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