BCM302 Peer Review 1

For this blog post, I will be reviewing two of my peers’ work from BCM302, specifically on their concept, methodology, and utility and providing feedback.

Peer Review 1:

The first peer I have decided to review is Nick Childs and his DA concept: Japanese Bliss.

Nick’s concept is that he has decided to revisit one of his previous digital artifact ideas that were created in his first year of university, where he has created an Instagram account for Japanese themed images.

Nick’s methodology will consist of posting 2-3 photos and two Instagram stories regularly each week. The Japanese Bliss Instagram stories will utilize polls and interactions to maximize engagement. The utility of this project is that is aesthetic, entertaining and can inspire users to travel to Japan, while also helping potential tourists with locations and places to visit.

Utilizing Instagram hashtags could increment Nicks’s engagement with his audience on Japanese Bliss. Using hashtags relating to Japan, traveling, trending hashtags, and tourism could maximize his engagement and create the potential for new and engaged users of Instagram. Additionally, Nick could reach out to other traveling inspired Instagram pages, creating collabs, and ‘follows for follows’.
I am curious about what the Instagram polls will be used for? What type of engagement are you specifically trying to achieve? Perhaps you could get feedback from your followers to see what content they like from you and areas of Japan they would like to know about most.

I am very excited to see how this DA goes.
Great Work Nick 🙂

Peer Review 2: 

The second peer I have decided to review is Jack Ridoutt and his DA: Hardwood Rundown.
Jack has decided to focus on his passion for basketball, in which he will create a YouTube channel, focusing on the NBA basketball sports, the highlights of the games, and his interest in it. His concept also aims to provide his predictions for specific games. Jack’s methodology will consist of posting one, potentially two, Youtube videos each week. To share these videos, Jack aims to post to twitter, and his personal Instagram account to create view and engagement. The utility of these YouTube videos is aimed at basketball sports fans.

For Jack to stay organized (as he mentioned with his load of uni work), he could plan out the two games he wants to focus on each week, creating a roster of the days and times the games are so he doesn’t become stressed. Additionally, Jack could reach out to other NBA game commentators on Instagram, offering collabs to commentate the games together, and could do so through live streaming.
For Jack to enable maximum engagement from NBA audiences, Jack could consider posting his YouTube videos to subreddits focusing on basketball and NBA.

I look forward to seeing how your DA goes, great work Jack 🙂

I look forward to seeing the progress of these two digital artifacts of my peers. I believe they will both do well and are dedicated, motivated, and inspired by their work.

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