My Digital Artefact; @travellingjapan_ , has grown a lot over the last couple of months, and has gone through several iterations. After utilising the feedback from my pitch, I believe that Travelling Japan has come along way. The first thing to note is that my followers have doubled from originally 25 to now 53.

I have also continued to post regularly, including videos in my Instagram feed and aiming to make my layout aesthetic as possible. All content posted I have gathered myself, as I believe it makes the Instagram page more personal. 

I have also engaged in Instagram Reels, with my first reel gaining 471 views. Additionally, I have regularly posting to Instagram highlights, using Canva to help curate matching templates including giphs.

I have also been posting in the afternoons and believe this has allowed me to get increased likes on my photos. Another strategy I have been using to create more engagement for @Travelling Japan_ is going through and following Japanese accounts related to photography, news, the snow, and anything else I could find.

To engage Travelling japan even more with the community, I posted the account to 2 Reddit pages. Unfortunately, I did not receive any engagement on these specific Reddit posts but have noticed I receive new followers daily on my Instagram page. 

For the future of @travellingjapan_ , I aim to incorporate blogs (which I am still unsure how to link to the Instagram account).

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