BCM302 Peer Review 2

In this blog post I will be reviewing the process of both Nick Childs Jack Ridoutt’s process of their Digital Artifacts for BCM302. 

Peer Review 1: 

First I will be reviewing Nick Childs and his DA concept: Japanese Bliss. Nick has continuously posted to the Japanese Bliss Instagram page, however, has found trouble with engagement at the start of the DA process, while posting 1-2 times a week and an occasional Instagram story. Nick has taken on board the feedback given to him from his pitch and has continuously been utilising the website ‘hashtag generator’, where he has found this to significantly help with the engagement in his account. Furthermore, Nick has been engaging with other Japanese accounts by commenting and following accounts with a lot of followers with similar content. 

Nick has done a fantastic job of increasing his engagement. I believe that his aesthetic photos, hashtags, and trying to engage with other accounts have helped the process of Nick’s DA, in turn resulting in him to have gained more followers. I believe it would be beneficial for Nick to incorporate Instagram Reels into his Japanese Bliss page, as they are currently ‘trending’ and would allow even more engagement to occur. He could also utilise Instagram Highlights, which are another big engagement factor. Overall great job, and good luck with the final weeks of this semester! 

Peer Review 2: 

Jack has been focusing on his passion for basketball and focusing on NBA videos through his Digital Artifact concept- Hardwood Rundown, a youtube channel. Unfortunately, Jack found it hard to stay motivated to post original content ideas due to COVID-19, due to not as many teams playing basketball, and not posting as regularly as he wished.  Jack now aims to post twice a week, focusing on NBA information he has knowledge on. I believe this will be helpful for Jack as he gets the chance to speak about his passion with confidence. 

Furthermore, Jack aims to post on Reddit to branch out to the basketball community. I believe this is a great idea as Reddit is a great platform to boost reviews and increase engagement and views towards his Youtube videos as well. Jack aims to create questions and posts focusing on the NBA. A suggestion for Jack would be to share his youtube channel to subreddits to help increase engagement for his videos. Overall great job Jack, I look forward to see how Hardwood Rundown goes.

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